Not only is it easy to understand for users, but it is also easy to convey to Google, which is a factor for articles that are easily evaluated in SEO . This is because if Google does not know the content of your article, it will not be evaluated correctly. In order to be evaluated with SEO. It is essential to take measures such as using structured data and including related links in anchor text . Highly specialized authoritative¬† and compiled based on reliable information. In addition to being easy to understand for users and Google, expertise and authority are also important. In fact, Google lists ” EEAT ” as an element that improves the quality of content. EEAT is a word that stands for “Experience,” “Expertise,” “Authoritativeness,” and “Trustworthiness.” The details of EEAT will be explained later.

Characteristics of articles

If the title and content of the article do not match, it will not be evaluated for SEO . Many users who search for WhatsApp Number List information. Look at the title and come to the article thinking that. It has the information they are looking for. However  in most cases if the content is different. The user will return to the search results page without continuing to read the article. If this happens, Google will think that this article is not helpful to its readers, and your ranking will drop.

Not meeting user search intent

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If a search engine determines that your site does not satisfy the user’s search intent, it will not be evaluated for SEO . Again, in order A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers to be evaluated for SEO, it is important to satisfy the user’s search intent. In particular, the value increases if there is information that can lead to solving fundamental problems, not just solving problems related to the keyword itself. For example, if you are searching for “recommended SEO consultants,” it is not enough to simply introduce information on recommended SEO consultants. By compiling useful information for comparison, such as “how to choose” and “reviews,” it will be easier to evaluate.

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