Which are also our potential clients, hire employees from Ukraine. For us, this became an additional marketing to entry point, because Ukrainian recruiters are already familiar with the Clever Staff product. Thirdly, before entering the Polish market, we conducted a study, which showed a favorable climate in Poland for our niche. Where did you start? What first steps did you take and what difficulties did you encounter? The very first step that anyone who plans to scale a business in any country needs to take is qualitative market research. We started with a detailed analysis of competitors marketing to and target audience.

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At first we wanted to “simplify our life” – to enter the Polish market directly from Ukraine. We have a team of English-speaking staff in sales, marketing Buy Bulk SMS Service and support. There was also an English version of the site and software. And we were sure that this was enough, because our audience knows English. But the plan failed  As further in-depth acquaintance with the Poles showed, this approach does not work with them. Poles will not buy a product if it is not in Polish. Therefore, the first piece of advice is to speak Polish and adapt the product accordingly. A Pole should feel that he is talking with “one of his own,” and not just with a person.

Who knows Polish and sits somewhere in Ukraine

Interview with CEO of IT company Clever Staff Clever Staff team at the HR Challenge Poland 2023 event in Poland Read also : TOP 5 attractive global A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers markets for Ukrainian business: which ones and why? The second piece of advice is to understand that there will be no financial result in the near future. About three months to a year you just need to invest. And the third tip is to organize offline meetings. In Ukraine, especially after the coronavirus, the team completely switched to remote work. After the start of a full-scale war, we completely forgot what meetings were like in real life. 

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