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Are you planning a communication campaign for a new product? Multiple posts on social media? A promotional operation by SMS? And you want to involve your points of sale so that they broadcast messages locally? So no doubt, you need a communication schedule shared with your network. Because leading the local communication of an entire network requires good organization! This is why our platform includes a collaborative planning tool . We explain to you why our users love it!

Communication planning, an essential tool for

synchronizing the national and local actions of a network Launch of a new product, promotional operation, opening of a new establishment, local WhatsApp Number List¬†event… many highlights punctuate the life of a brand network. All these events are opportunities to communicate locally to develop your notoriety and generate traffic in your establishments! And rather than tackling the subject alone, it is in your best interest to rely on your network.

This is your strength! Your points of sale are great communication relays on a local level . So it would be a shame not to involve them in your network’s communication and not to invite them to communicate with their audience. Enough to significantly increase the distribution of your messages, fuel their local communications and thus boost their visibility. This is where communications planning comes into play. Communication planning is the essential tool for every marketer! And it will also become so for your establishments involved in network communication.

This communication calendar allows you to organize

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Your network’s campaigns, to be regular and to inform your establishments about upcoming operations . In this way, they have an overall vision of the campaigns of the coming months and will be able to anticipate the actions to be carried out on their side. They A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers can therefore synchronize with your calendar to plan their communications and amplify the reach of your messages which will be distributed more widely. A real synchronization tool! Simply share the highlights of your network with the Geolid schedule In the Geolid platform, the communication schedule is presented like a traditional calendar! Geolid communication planning You add your highlights and your communication.

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