Share Fiber-based packaging company Graphic Packaging has partnered with healthy eating outlet Picadeli. The goal is to developbased salad bowls. Potentially removing 250 tonnes of plastic annually from your supply chain. According to Graphic, the new lids are made from renewable plant-based fibers and are recyclable in household paper waste streams. The solution also features a secure snap closure system , which is considered an upgrade from Picadeli’s.

Lids with sustainable materials

Previous solution. “Everything we do, we do for our customers, so it is always nice to develop innovations that meet our customers’ features enhanced branding through high-quality prints. Photo: Graphic The new lids offer the functionality required for Picadeli to eliminate plastic salad Job Function Email Database bowl lids from its supply chain. They also offer great branding benefits through high-quality printing on the lid using water-based inks. Additionally, these lids feature bold and playful messages to promote .

Picadeli and improve

Their customer engagement. Graphic also  environments. “We are committed to preserving as much of our planet’s precious resources as possible, while producing high-quality, functional packaging for our consumers to enjoy,” says Henrik Åkerman, head of sourcing and supply chain at Picadeli. “With this in mind, needs and helps us reduce the A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers amount of plastic in our portfolio, in line with modern consumer demands” concludes Akerman. We recommend: 4 strategies for designing sustainable packaging Guillermina Garcia.

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