Starting out primarily as an SEO tool, its range of features has expanded rapidly over the past few years. Digital Marketing(Source) It’s worth noting that while Semrush has more features, it’s also more expensive. Also, given the number of features, it’s probably more complex and harder for beginners to get started with. Rank tracking tool The Semrush Position Checker tool is updated daily and includes very similar features to the other tools mentioned so far. It can track Google and Baidu (but not Bing, Youtube, etc.). It tracks mobile and desktop Competitor ranking tracking.



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Local Rank Tracking Track SERP features such as suggested snippets White-labeled ranking reports are available, but only with the Agency Growth In addition to Kit add-on (+$100 per month). Additional SEO features Semrush has the most comprehensive feature set of all the tools on this list. They cover almost all SEO functions and also include tools for other channels UAE Phone Number Data such as  . You can find a full overview of all Semrush features here , but here are some highlights: Keyword research tools Website technical audit Content optimization Competitor analysis and monitoring Semrush is also a good keyword complexity tool , as it has developed a more advanced formula for calculating keyword complexity than most alternatives.


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The foundation of every successful business is a strong SEO campaign. But with the myriad of optimization tools and techniques out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Well, fear not, because I have just the thing to help you. Introducing Ranktracker, an all-in-one platform for effective SEO optimization. absolutely Ecuador Phone Number List free! CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT Or   Finally, Semrush also has some features to help you build links . In addition to backlink monitoring and analysis, Semrush also has a referral campaign feature that helps you proactively build links. Plans and pricing Semrush has pricing tiers based on usage, and its starting price is significantly higher than the other tools on this list.

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