Buildings Solar & Renewable Energy The Seventy-Six. New York housing development. Is expected to be the first triple net-zero project  energy. Water waste of its kind. The million project. Being developed by. Garrison Architects based in New York City, is part of a revitalization effort for. Albany’s historic South End neighborhood. and will provide units across square feet. The Seventy-Six aims to. not only showcase beautiful and accessible. carbon-neutral architecture but also provide affordable housing. In addition to eco-friendly features and a nature-forward design. the housing complex will. encourage community ties with the inclusion of a communal greenhouse. urban farming center.

An in-house STEM training

 Center for its pioneering work. The development has received a New York State Energy. Research and Development Authority.  Buildings of Excellence WhatsApp Number Database award and a portion of $13 million in funding set aside. for low- or zero-carbon multi-family. buildings. Sustainability will be woven throughout The Seventy-Six, from the green walls that. will be made visible to the surrounding. community to the use of renewable energy sources. Residents will also have access to an. irrigated planter in their homes along. with opportunities to grow their own food in the communal greenhouse as part of the project’s. target for resource independence.

Resource efficiency will be further optimized

With the use of modular construction methods. Additional development highlights. include Employing hundreds of people. Including union and Certified contractors. All energy for heating cooling. lighting, and appliances generated from the state of the art solar, wind, and water installations. Total water consumption A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers  will be reduced to zero through. modern water collection and. filtering technologies, focused on re-use for toilets and irrigation, and zero landfill contribution. Waste will be recycled, composted. and incinerated onsite. Fully integrated green spaces with abundant trees, grass, and ornamenta. gardens. State of the art. aquaponics farming that hosts live fish with vegetable gardens and incorporates the Complex’s water.

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