Change vehicle, damaged. Banned from traffic It is the name given to vehicles obtained. By replacing the engine and chassis numbers. Of scrapped vehicles with stolen vehicles. Such change transactions also cause crimes of fraud and forgery of. Official documents within the scope of criminal. Law and are subject to different legal sanctions. What is Change Vehicle. What is Change Vehicle. If the vehicles within the scope of. The change vehicle are detected to be stolen. these vehicles will be confiscated.

The Determination of Whether a Vehicle

For this reason. It is one of the issues¬† Kuwait Number Data that the person who. Purchased a replacement vehicle must first file. A criminal complaint with the Chief Public Prosecutor’s. Office upon learning of the situation. In this context, change vehicle cases are also fraud and forgery of. Official documents. Legal Liability in Change Vehicles Legal Liability in Change. Vehicles For this reason, it is important to check. The chassis number and engine number when buying,. Selling and registering second-hand vehicles. The determination of whether a vehicle is a “replacement vehicle” is made through expertise and by. People with technical equipment. It is also possible to determine. Whether a vehicle has been changed or not. By reporting it to the police. The buyer may file a lawsuit for compensation. For material and moral damages due to the changed vehicle.

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File a Change Vehicle Compensation Case

Change Vehicle Compensation Case  Latvia Phone Number List Change Vehicle. Compensation Case Change Legal Responsibility in Vehicles . Change Vehicle Case Before going into the details of the change vehicle case. Let us state that, according to the Code of Obligations. The seller is legally responsible for the defects of the vehicle he sold. Even if he does not know about them. In addition, if the conditions are met, the responsibilities of vehicle. Inspection stations or notaries and the administration may. Come to the fore for replacement vehicle sales. For this reason, the buyer who demands compensation for the damages. He suffered within the scope of the replacement vehicle case may. Request these damages from the seller and, if the conditions are met. From the vehicle inspection stations. Notary or the administration, together or separately. Change vehicle compensation cases Change vehicle compensation cases. How to File a Change Vehicle Compensation Case.

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