You startthe year by publishing a lot of videos on your social networks. Because you heard and read – since last year – that video. Marketing would be the main trend in 2018. However, several months have already pass and you still don’t know if what you are doing is working and. Even more importantly, you are not clear how or what to measure to determine precisely if it works or not. pexels-photo-66134 Lets start by the beginning: Research from HubSpot. Reveal that video is the type of content that users prefer the most. This is already enough argument to decide on a video strategy. Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 10.37.24 am YouTube and Facebook are the platforms preferr by users to watch videos, but the interesting fact is that 85% of the videos.

Establish your goals and how to measure them

Therefore, I invite you to consider the following factors that will help you be successful in your video marketing plan. Define your audience Always be clear about who your target is , since Phone Number Database the following recommendation. Will depend on this point. Determine the type of video After you are clear about your audience and the message you want to communicate. What follows is that – before starting to record – you choose the appropriate video format for your audience. There are multiple options to consider such as: Demo Videos Event Videos Interviews with experts  videos that respond to How to Video. Testimonials animat videos live videos Videos with virtual reality, among others. Whether your goals are focuse on getting more subscribers, increasing traffic, or generating leads. The important thing is that when you set them they are achievable and measurable. 

Why do you have to include video in your marketing strategy?

Perform A/B Testing of publication schedules, formats and video time. Only then will you be able to determine. What will work and what will not according to your stated objectives. Consider trial and error Remember that one of the most attractive. Aspects of marketing A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers is that it is not an exact science and therefore you should. Not expect your first video to be perfect in both production and results. On the contrary, you should look for constant progress in engagement, leads , visits, or whatever metric you are looking for. Request help from experts If you have already convinced yourself of the power that video has in your marketing plan and want to know more strategies to maximize. your current results, seek the help of a digital marketing agency. That will help you obtain better results with your campaigns in accordance. With your objectives. and, above all, that it guarantees the return on your investment. 

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