You want it to be unique to avoid cannibalizing traffic.  on the same domain rank for the same keyword and thus steal traffic from each other. Now that we’ve covered the best practices, let’s look at what you came here for. 4 steps to creating an SEO headline Used when looking Step 1: Identify the main keyword to target As mentioned in the first best practice, find the most frequently used search term and use it in the title tag. However, in many cases, the main keyword is difficult to rank for because many pages are already ranking for it.

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In such cases, you need to reduce your Used when   for general information competition by refining your target keyword. How do you do it? Check step 2. Step 2: Find long tail variations of the main keyword If your main keyword is getting too hard to rank for, it’s best to focus on something else that’s closely related but still has enough search volume. Usually Used when looking these keywords contain the main keyword Canada Phone Number Data and one or two other words. These are long tail keywords. , use Ranktracker’s keyword finder tool. Just type in your main keyword and then click the search icon to generate long tail keywords that you can use. Use one from the list that has good search volume and medium complexity and use it in the title tag. Use keyword finder to find long-tail variations of the main .

To find long-tail keywords

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keyword Step 3: Prepare the title tag Now, with your target keyword in mind, you can start creating your title tag. It should be up to 60 characters, descriptive, clickable and readable. Another important thing to keep in mind while designing your title tag Canada Phone Number List is to check the search intent or the purpose why the user is searching in the search engine and design the title tag accordingly. The purpose of the search can be: Informative:  or an answer to a specific question. Navigations.

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