Three images showing the team at a social event and in the Click Intelligence office. Compound SEO. Content and Link Quality These two statements are true now and. to a large degree. always have been true: The more long-tail keywords you rank for. the better your primary keywords will rank. The more sites you get links from that rank for associated keywords. the better your primary keyword will rank. But in 2024. they will carry additional meaning as Google tries to ‘clean up’ the internet with more Link Spam and Helpful Content updates. If your website ranks for many long-tail searches. it’s a good indicator that your content is helpful.


We recommend: Focus on E-E-A-T more than ever

Similarly if the websites you get links from rank for associated keywords. they  Decision Maker Email List are helpful. too. Links from these sources carry more SEO weight. Top Tip: With the above in mind. working on a Compound SEO strategy – where you chase. Top long-tail keywords first and then work backwards to primary keywords – could be an approach to consider now more than before. especially in competitive markets. Conclusion E-E-A-T. Helpful Content and Link Spam. Top updates are now all intertwined as.  Google fights against mass volumes of. AI content and link spam that may also be generated from AI. In 2024. :


Help to position you as an expert in your field.

Add content to your website to show that you are real and have experience A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers in the field. Build content off-site to show that you are credible (see our HARO link-building service). Collect reviews. Get included in listicles. Focus on improving how much ‘owned content’ you have online that is helpful. hosted on external domains and links back to your website. Build Links that: Are placed on websites that do not appear to have been hit by penalties or suffer from Helpful Content Updates. Are contextually accurate to the point where machine learning can understand the page’s relevance to your website.

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