It takes no more Advantages each video is deicate to a specific topic. You can quickly select and view the desire material. Disadvantages You will have to independently study the practical application of the information receive. C Analytics from C Training Center No. Duration videos.  to view one. Training format the user has access to the video. You can select the theme you want and view it at your convenience. You can independently perform the operations suggeste by the teacher, but there is no way to check their correctness. Certificate not issue.

Customer orders sales analysis

Creation of a C server, obtaining a free license comparison of performance indicators by time intervals work with formulas Strengths detaile presentation of selecte topics. Disadvantages the program is aime at those who already work with C. It is Whatsapp Data quite difficult for a beginner to understand. C. Trade Management by Oksana Bulat Duration videos for minutes. Training format The author publishes training videos in the public domain. Anyone can view them. Certificate not provide. What you can learn in the course create a new base enter data relating to the company or individual entrepreneur establish an accounting policy set price types.

Strengths accessible presentation

Cons Information is from and is very limite. Initial setup C from the YouTube channel Secrets and opportunities C Duration videos up A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers to minutes. Training format information is collecte in a video. You can view them as neee. It will not possible to communicate with the teacher, ask questions of interest. Certificate not issue. What you can learn during the course set up the database taking into account the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine manage commercial companies for Ukraine calculate the cost of services.

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