Screenshot Why we care. MSN laid off two dozen editorial staff a few years ago with plans to replace the writers with generative AI, the Guardian reported. This case highlights the importance of not relying solely on AI for generating content due to factual inaccuracies and problematic errors, and the need to ensure that all work produced by AI is supervised by humans. Failure to do so could harm your brand’s reputation as well as negatively impacting your search rankings. Incomprehensible. While the MSN headline was offensive, the rest of the article was incoherent. It read: “Former NBA participant, Brandon Hunter, who beforehand performed for the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, has handed away on the age of 42, as introduced by Ohio male’s basketball coach Jeff Boals on Tuesday.” “Hunter, initially a extremely regarded high school basketball participant in Cincinnati, achieved vital success as a ahead for the Bobcats.

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If you have a list of your content and the published. Or updated dates, MIN and MAX functions will tell DB to Data you which pages. Are the oldest and newest. Use MIN for the oldest and. MAX for the oldest, then select the range for your. Dates, for instance: =MIN(A1:A10). You can also check for your oldest content that meets. Other criteria from your data, like old articles that aren’t ranking well. Add conditions to check with a MIN IF or. MIN IFS function.Microsoft has been criticised after publishing an. Star Brandon Hunter. The former Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic player passed away suddenly this week, aged 42, after collapsing during a hot yoga class in Orlando, Fla. Shortly after his passing, fans were shocked to see the father of three described as “useless” in an obituary published on MSN. The headline read: “Brandon Hunter useless at 42.

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Now you have a list of your target keyword and proposed URL to add to your content brief or content schedule. Image 69 Change URLs with CONCATENATE and JOIN functions Let’s A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers say you want to see which pages on your site aren’t performing well and need to be updated. You might start by exporting current page performance from Google Analytics and Search Console.  page paths, while your full URLs. You want to use VLOOKUP to combine your data into one report. Use CONCATENATE to combine your domain with your page path or slug to get your full URL. JOIN is helpful if you have multiple categories or folders in your URL. Split each folder into a column, and JOIN will combine them with a slash between them. Or, if you want to reverse it, use the SUBSTITUTE function to remove your domain from a URL. This is also handy for searching by page path in Google Analytics. Image 70 Find your oldest content with MIN and MAX functions In addition to checking pages that have dropped in rankings, you can also plan to update old pages that haven’t been edited recently.

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