By producing quality content and publishing it on a regular schedule. Posting irregularly will only harm you and cause loss of subscribers. If you post every day, make sure you post every day. If you’re publishing once a week on a Tuesday at 9:00 AM. Optimize the never skip a week or post a video late (even if it’s only a few hours or the next day). Encourage people to subscribe Subscribing is very important on YouTube. This is one of the factors YouTube’s algorithms use to rank videos. Liking or commenting on a video is a one-time action, but subscribing means people will see your content on a regular basis.

Optimize the Design video thumbnails 

Share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Be careful to Hong Kong Number Data quickly publish the videos you publish on social media platforms. In this way, you will both keep your social media accounts active and provide traffic to your YouTube videos. Create YouTube playlists of related videos Playlists are not only a great way to organize your videos into relevant categories, but they’re also a great way to create new and unique content for your channel. Having the video title with the same name as the video file helps YouTube search for your videos easily and thus helps you get a higher ranking. Therefore, you should definitely include the targeted keyword in the name of the video file. Make sure your keywords are low competition,


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Attract attention

It’s important to consistently post Turkey Phone Number List new content, and the YouTube algorithm favors those who post consistently. Cards and End screens matter Adding cards and end screens to videos is now a proven metric that will positively contribute to both increasing the number of views of your videos and the growth of your channel. cards and end screens Start Creating Longer Videos One of the frequently asked questions is “How long should a YouTube video be?” is happening. Actually, there is no fixed answer to this question. Also, design the YouTube big picture and channel intro video correctly. Name the video file correctly Be sure to rename your video file to be uploaded to YouTube rationally, such as prostate-surgery-after-curious-edilenler.mp4, instead of creating it as mov2001.avi , or 0121212.mp4 .

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