Chewy is currently trading at 2.15 twelve months to the sale and 2.07 before the sale. At first glance, Chewy may appear to be just a stock of COVID-19. With net sales per active customer of $419, up more than $56 for the year, I say it’s time to start buying some stocks . Accordingly, is it chewy to buy or keep? Chewy received a consensus rating of Buy . The company has an average rating score of 2.55, based on 13 buy ratings, 8 hold ratings and 1 sell rating. Chewy underrated Therefore,  slumping stock price is bringing the company back into value territory for now —at least on some key metrics. For example, CHWY’s price multiple of 2.6 is too low, especially since the company is still in the pre-profit stage of its development.

What's up with Chewy?

Shares of online pet retailers have nearly halved since the Job Function Email Database start of 2021. Chewy (CHWY 0.37%), once a market favorite, has fallen out of favor of late . Shares soared to $120 a share earlier this year and have since nearly halved to $63 a share as of this writing. Should I invest in CHWY? Today, Chewy trades at a price-to-sales ratio of 2.6, less than half of what it was selling for at its peak. At this lower price, the potential reward for investing in Chewy stock outweighs the near-term risks. Long-term investors can add Chewy shares to their portfolios in 2022. Who owns Chewy? In 2017, Chewy was acquired by Petsmart for $3.35 billion, the largest e-commerce acquisition at the time. The company completed its initial public offering in 2019, raising $1 billion.

Is Chewy profitable?

A big drawback for Chewy But while Chewy is seeing sales growth and a strong position in its niche market, the online retailer is still not profitable on a level basis . Chewy’s net loss of $32.2 million in the third quarter is not much of an improvement from the $32.8 million net loss in Q3 2020. Will Amazon Buy Chewy? Amazon does not own the Chewy brand , but Chewy is A complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers owned by PetSmart, which acquired the company in May 2017. However, Chewy is one of Amazon’s main competitors in the pet products market. Additionally, while Amazon does not own Chewy, the company does own Wag. supply brand.

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