With the advent of the 5G era. short videos will become a new mainstream information carrier. and many self-mia people. celebrities. Internet celebrities. and companies will participate. The content of short videos covers all areas of production and life. To leverage the traffic of short videos. you must master the skills of short video promotion and traffic. Next. we will introduce a short video promotion and traffic plan to you. Short video promotion and drainage should start from the aspects of content planning. product placement. multi-channel drainage and cover display. 1. Content planning. Content is to serve users. and attention should be paid to combining products and user demands.

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Connotative content. so the content must be both practical  Job Function Email Database and innovative. The content must be valuable to users. which requires that the content contains useful information. The content can be serious. lively and funny. or even complaining. However. planning must be bas on the characteristics and value of the product. and must not go astray. 2. Product placement. Product placement nes to be clever. Under normal Introduction to short circumstances. videos with products that are more commercial are easily disgust by users and lose their promotion value. This requires us to be more creative when making product videos and try to make product placement as interesting as possible. Or increase the value of the video. such as providing some benefits to users. When the value of the video content is greater than the objectionability of the advertisement. more users will watch and interact with it. 3. Divert traffic through multiple channels.

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We must make good use of all channels that can  A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers  introduce traffic. Common channels here include comment areas. live broadcast rooms. official platforms. etc. For example. we can post comments in the comment area of ​​accounts in the same industry to attract users with relevant interests to watch our videos. This is also possible in live broadcast rooms. The official platform also has many channels for attracting traffic. such as placing paid advertisements. participating in official activities. etc. 4. Cover display. The title Introduction to short and cover image are the first parts of the video that users see when it is display. How to capture the user’s heart often depends on these few seconds. When writing titles and choosing covers. you should pay attention to figuring out what users want to see and present them to attract users’ attention. There are many methods here. such as highlighting numbers. highlighting comparisons. etc. You can refer to accounts that have done well. After reading the introduction of the short video promotion and drainage plan. some friends are already gearing up and eager to try it.

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