83% of marketers prioritize quality over quantity ( Hubspot ), while 51% of companies publish content daily ( Themanifest ). 30% of companies prefer to delegate content creation to marketing agencies or freelancers instead of hiring specialists ( SEMrush ). This solution is more affordable for small organizations, because there is no need to spend time on adaptation and training of new employees. The main channels for distributing organic content for B2C businesses are : social networks, email and a blog on the company website ( CMI ). B2B organizations , in turn, increase awareness by posting articles in the media, speeches and presentations, thematic events, and collaborations on social networks ( CMI ).

Content Marketing Trends

Organic search is the most popular content distribution channel. SEO promotion, as an effective method of increasing website traffic, is used by 89% of marketing specialists. In second place – social networks – 87% of companies are actively managing corporate Cell Phone Number List accounts ( SEMrush ). 53% of internet users research a product before making a choice ( Think with google ). For 85% of buyers, the presence of a photo, as well as complete data about the characteristics of the product, is crucial in deciding where exactly to buy a product ( Think with google ). 82% of content teams know how to use SEO tools,

Because some content marketing strategies,

Such as blogging, require basic knowledge of SEO optimization ( SEMrush ). According to Hub spot research ,88%of marketers with an SEO strategy in place. Will increase or maintain their search engine optimization investments in 2023. 67% of all search traffic comes from the top five organic results ( Zero limit web ). Texts with titles of fewer than seven words A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers receive 36% . More organic traffic than articles with longer H1 titles ( SEMrush ). Webpromo recommends: Of course, just creating a large amount of content will not help you get to the TOP of search results. But texts and images play a key role in ranking a site by search engines. We described in the article what optimized content should be like in 2023. How to get ahead of competitors in search engines: SEO trends for 2023.

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