The thoughts we experience on a daily basis, such as it even more if it were like this,” become. The next big idea to fulfill our hopes. You don’t have to do extensive research. Take notes of thoughts and questions that arise in your daily life, and develop the habit of generating ideas. You can do it alone! A simple fill-in-the-cells thinking method “Mandalat” Some people may think, “I don’t have the sense to generate ideas For inquiries regarding in the first place, so I don’t know how to start, develop, and organize ideas from a blank canvas!” The idea framework “Mandalert” will be a strong ally for such troubles. At first glance, it looks like nine squares, but it incorporates a methodology developed by its creator, Hiroaki Imaizumi, to “organize and externalize ideas to deepen thinking.”

The work rule is to draw nine squares

Set the main theme to be considered in the center square, and fill in the surrounding squares with matters related to it. By focusing on Phone Number List one idea and deriving different ideas from various perspectives, you can obtain new ideas and perspectives that have never occurred to you before. Moreover, it becomes possible For inquiries regarding to make the main theme more specific. One of the important things when working on “Mandarato” is not to think too much, and to fill in the ideas that come to you intuitively. This way of thinking often leads to interesting ideas later on. Fill in one square with a flexible mind. This step leads to the generation of big ideas. You can do it alone! “SCAMPER Method”, a technique for coming up with ideas in a very short time.

The reality is that todays busy people find it difficult

To create an environment or time that is conducive to generating ideas, so they tend to settle for compromises. Of course, only making compromises will not lead A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers to successful results. In such a harsh business environment, the “SCAMPER method” is an efficient. Way of thinking that does not let busyness become an excuse. And the important rule for answering these questions is “to come up with ideas in a short time with an emphasis on speed.” Because it is listed as one. This ultra-short-time method of generating ideas becomes the driving force that forces you to generate ideas. 

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