The way users discover new things and buy has chang a lot in recent years. Now they find ideas or inspiration through personaliz fes (Instragram. Pinterest. Youtube. News. etc.). These channels have become a fundamental part of our journey as consumers of products and/or services. Google Discovery Ads is a point in our favor. According to Google’s own statistics. 8% of consumers say that. when they discover a product/service. it takes less than  hours to take action. either by comparing prices or purchasing them. I bet you and I are part of these statistics. In 09. Google introduc Google Discovery Ads campaigns . which will help you reach those potential customers just when they are most open to receiving information about your products or services.

What is Google Discovery Ads and where do these ads appear

Advantages of Discovery Ads campaigns:  When you should use Google Discovery Ads campaigns:  Recommendations Special Data to get your potential clients into action: . – Use quality and high-impact images so that you can capture the attention of consumers when they browse the content. . – Get more appropriate audiences to see your ads. . – Choose an appropriate budget and give your campaigns time to optimize. . – Measure the performance of your Discovery Ads campaigns  Summary of Discovery Ads campaigns: What is Google Discovery Ads and where do these ads appear? As you may have already guess. discovery ads are discovery ads. These appear in all Google fes (Youtube. Gmail Promotions and Social section. Google News. etc.).

This type of ad is trigger by a new Discovery campaign

The main objective of these campaigns is to achieve conventions since. as I mention above. they are shown at A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers the time when users are most interest or susceptible to receiving information about your products or services. Google Discovery Ads campaigns can include both images and text. Hence the importance of working very well on the design and quality of your images in order to positively impact your audience. Advantages of Discovery Ads campaigns: They allow you to reach a large number of potential customers through a single campaign. According to Google.  billion users explore its properties every month. searching for all types of content. They increase user engagement through more complete and relevant ads. They show more visually attractive ads with the potential to reach a significant number of users and adapt to all formats of Google properties.

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