Facebook is undoubtely one of the most popular advertising platforms and offers companies with the . advertising account the opportunity to effectively reach their target groups by placing ads. To avoid ad account suspension, you should run ads on facebook carefully . In this blog article we provide you with a comprehensive checklist that will help you successfully advertise on facebook without endangering your profile. The checklist is specifically aime at advertisers who are starting from scratch and do not have an advertising account, instagram account or facebook profile. In our free guide you will learn step by step how to createk ads that are tailore to your business and cost-effective. Click here and find out more! Table of contents a comprehensive checklist for agencies and companies we will go through the creation and creation of the advertising account and business manager step by step with you so that your account is not deactivate or ads are rejecte. 


When registering, provide accurate information

The registration create a new advertising account in. Business manager to ensure your profile is not associate with a disable or suspende advertising account. It is important that you do not have any prohibite content , suspicious or unusual activity  Europe Cell Phone Number List on your advertising account. Visit facebook to complete registration . Use a secure wifi network to protect your data. Use your web browser’s incognito mode to bypass tracking mechanisms.  that matches your id card or passport. Fill out all require fields and also provide optional information to complete your profile . Save your login details carefully to ensure future access. Profile picture and cover photo upload a high-quality , good-resolution profile picture that clearly shows your face. A single photo or portrait of you is best. A good profile picture ensures that your profile looks real and avoids rejection from ads or future bans. Profile/bio add a job/business description to the profile or bio section. 

Facebook pages like facebook pages relate to your interests

This way, all profile visitors learn more about you or your company and facebook does not assume fraudulent activity. Info section completely fill out the workplace, university, residence, etc. Sections to make your profile more informative. Friend  A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers requests send initial friend requests to acquaintances, colleagues and family members to build your social network. You should only send these friend requests to real profiles .or business to receive relevant content. Group joining join groups relevant to your interests or company to connect with other users. Settings customize general profile settings and add a username to create a custom url . Enable the “verify before posts appear on your profile” option in your privacy settings to keep you in control of your posts . Customize notification settings to only receive the emails and text messages you nee.

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