Here’s what we know about the factors that affect how YouTube ranks a video: How much time is spent on your videos. If users click to watch after seeing. Design videoAre users interacting with your video (likes, comment. How well do your video’s description and meta description match the user’s query? Videos (topics and channels) that the user has watched before.. Therefore, watched from your channel So if you want to get more views, subscribers, and traffic from YouTube.Therefore, channels so that you can easily analyze how you can come up with better content ideas for your YouTube channel. .

Identify your competition and find their best videos

You’ll love this new YouTube France Number Data SEO tutorial. Let’s start. Do keyword research Getting started with YouTube keyword research is easy. Go to YouTube and type a keyword in the search box. As you type, you’ll get popular searches suggested by YouTube Suggest, the autocomplete feature built into the search box on YouTube.


This way, they will have found a way to contact you. The audience likes this too. If your videos get a lot of comments, this tells the YouTube algorithm that your videos are popular. Just like Google search results, YouTube prioritizes popular content. Therefore, Comments are one of the metrics YouTube uses to decide what people like best. Therefore, It would be a good idea to end your video with a question to start a discussion .

Phone Number Data

Design video keyword naturally

Remember to choose “YouTube” instead of Vietnam Phone Number List the default “Web”. To see which words are searched more frequently, you can use the completely free tool provided to us by Google: Google Trends , KeywordTool io. It’s not a perfect tool, but it can still be used for comparison purposes. For more keyword finding tools, you can visit our page  competition and find their best videos Check out your competitors’ most viewed videos. Therefore, While doing this. Do not let this mislead you. Make sure you prepare a list of at least competitors. Redirect the visitor to another video When explaining a related topic, saying “I actually have a video about it, I’ll leave the link here, click on it” will increase the watch time of your other videos.

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