Some buildings around the world manage to attract attention. With their different features. One of these is the ” Marayathat becomes almost invisible. Therefore, By taking the shape of the geography it is located in at certain hours of the day. A  That Is Invisible the Building Where Technology and Art Meet Maraya, the World’s Largest Mirrored Structure. Therefore, Concert Hall A Silent and Invisible Building. Maraya, which hosts many different art events, especially concerts. And is a work of art in itself. Its hall has the title of the largest mirrored building in the world.These mirrors, which reflect the unique view of the region on which they are located. Therefore, also protect the building from the scorching sun of the desert on which it is located.

 A Concert Hall That Is Invisible

It was built in Al Ula. Saudi Germany Number Data  Arabia in 2019 and is the largest mirrored building in the world. Maraya Concert Hall. Therefore, Is located on the desert. The exterior surfaces of this building. Which is completely made of high technology. Are covered with mirrored panels. Therefore, This high-tech building. Covered with a total of 9740 mirror panels. Integrates with the desert on which it is built at certain times of the day. Becomes a part of it and becomes almost invisible. which brings together technology and art. Takes its name from the mirrors on it.

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Building Where Technology

Maraya, built in 2019 in the city  Hong Kong Phone Number List  of Al Ula in the. Medina region of Saudi Arabia, was planned as a modern. And technological in the middle of the desert. The building, which was developed as a joint project of  Forma Studio. Therefore, An Italian design firm. And a company called “Black Engineering”. Therefore, completed in an extremely short period of six months. The construction of the building took only 76 days. These two companies. Which are internationally renowned. In the fields of construction. Design and architecture. Covered the exterior of the Maraya Concert Hall. which he was very impressed with when. Therefore, he first visited the area where the building is located.


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