On Wednesday, the Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Government. Andalusia, Catalina García, offered details about the future. Digital Health Strategy of Andalusia during a commission in Parliament. According to García, this strategy seeks to improve accessibility. Personalize care, improve the quality of patient care and promote humanization and co-responsibility in health care. The main objective of the Andalusian Digital Health Strategy is to digitally transform the Andalusian Public Health System to provide greater support in health care, as well as prevent and promote health.

Strengthened its development

Currently, it is in the design and formulation process, and will encompass. All the digital and technological mechanisms that have been so far. In recent years, Andalusia has strengthened its development in digital health, implementing improvements and tools. For example, the use of health-related applications has increased through the ClicSalud+ web portal. which has registered more than 18 million accesses and has assigned more than 2.7 million appointments to users in the first half of 2023. Counselor García highlighted that the strategy was Buy Phone Number List born in response to the growing. Importance of technology in the healthcare field and its impact on the quality of health services and people’s lives. 

The Andalusian Digital Health Strategy

Plans and strategies at the European, national and regional level, and is part of the Andalusian Health Strategy 2030, developing the IV Andalusian Health Plan. Its goals are clear: improve and evolve digital health services, facilitate decision-making on data and  and promote innovation within the digital ecosystem of the Public Health Service of Andalusia. In summary, the commitment to digital health represents a significant change in the conception and experience of healthcare. Andalusia A Complete List Of Unit Phone Number  is committed to addressing these challenges and ensuring that these innovations benefit everyone. Contributing to a healthier and more connected future.

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