And then statistical analysis can be used to figure out which of the A and B variants two test variants produced better results. With A/B testing in marketing, you, your team, and your company can learn more about the current user experience and make changes to improve what users experience when coming to your website.

Why you should do A/B tests

With A/B testing, you can come up with a hypothesis about why users are acting in certain ways and then C Level Contact List test those hypotheses by using a control version of the site or ad along with a variation. A/B testing can help settle disagreements about how to run an ad campaign or the changes you want to make to a website, and it can also help improve a singular goal, like boosting your conversion rate with minor changes to your website.

Visual Website Optimizer

C Level Contact List

VWO is a popular option when it comes to A/B testing, and for good reason. This versatile platform offers a full set of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools to help you find the A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers solutions you need. One of the top features of the VWO A/B testing tool is its powerful reporting dashboard. From it, you A and B variants can quickly assess each test’s results based on its unique color-coding system.

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