Home page article marketing 7 things you nee to have a productive (and happy) content marketing team 7 things you nee to have a productive (and happy) content marketing team Publishe: 2020-12-22 Things – Nees – Happiness – Production – Content – Marketing – TeamI love waxing philosophical. 7 things you need to have a productive (and happy) content marketing team.  About productivity. Knowing how we work is critical if we want to create the resonant content we crave. And I feel like we’re all making a positive difference. However. lately I’ve found myself thinking a lot more about individual productivity rather than team productivity. Of course. working together as a team is tremendously important – and that’s one of the reasons I’m intereste in agile marketing. Individual “tricks” are still useful. but what does a team nee to make sure it’s working in the best way possible 


The list below is a combination of

Specific tools and more intangibles neee to help your team focus on creating the work Special Database rather than the process behind it. I know this list doesn’t include technology. but once you have your team and processes in place. these collaboration and workflow tools can be extremely helpful. your reason Notice how everything begins with the why. To do. And in this case. your why is your basic strategy for why you’re doing the work you’re doing and how to measure whether it’s working. The strategy can be explaine in detail. but the team must reach consensus on at least three things: Who are we eucatingsupporting (Note: I didn’t say “targeting” because goals should be helpful. Creating personas is one way to do this.) 


How can you help them in a way

That no one else can (This is the slant of your content.) How do I know I’ve been A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers successful (These are the business objectives of the strategy.) Note: You also nee to understand how to measure and report success to your team. content teams nee to know three things: who we’re helping. how we can help. and what’s successful. says MicheleLinn. Click to Tweet Bonus tip: If you nee a little more inspiration or help finding your why. check out Michael Jr.. one of last year’s Content Marketing World keynote speakers. Check out this video clip from. Months later. I’m still thinking about his actions and our follow-up conversations. (Seriously. this clip is worth 5 minutes.) Documente workflow Successful teams don’t just document their content marketing strategy. they also document their workflow. If you’re not familiar with workflows. they are the processes that 


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